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EO 360°, a podcast by Entrepreneurs’ Organization, explores entrepreneurship with a wide perspective, moving beyond business to those insights not often shared by high-profile thought leaders.

Host and serial entrepreneur, Dave Will, leads in-depth interviews, whose featured guests include: Gazelles founder and CEO, Verne Harnish; popular podcast host and founder of Genius Network, Joe Polish; award-winning entrepreneur, Zahra Al-Harazi; and more. Tune into this top podcast made by entrepreneurs, for entrepreneurs.

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Apr 4, 2017

In this episode, Dave interviews Jordan Harbinger. Jordan is dubbed by INC Magazine as the Charlie Rose of podcasting and has been named by Forbes as one of the 50 Best Relationship Builders. A natural expert in social engineering and technology—he was plucked by the FBI Cybercrime Division at the age of 14, to essentially catch “bad guys”. His unique intelligences led him to becoming a Wall Street attorney, a savant of languages as he speaks 5, and one who has served the US military. In this podcast, Jordan shares how he discovered his gift and abilities at a very young age and how he harnessed his talent to create the successful podcast, The Art of Charm.

Time Stamped Show Notes:

  • 00:33 – Dave welcomes Jordan to the Podcast
  • 00:44 – Jordan has a podcast called The Art of Charm
    • 01:10 – Jordan has interviewed Larry King and they are now friends
  • 02:04 – Dave and Jordan talk about Larry King
  • 04:57 – Larry advised Jordan to “always bring the audience into you”
  • 06:37 – Dave talks about the expectations of viewers/listeners in terms of quality, transparency, and connection to people
  • 07:23 – Dave and Jordan talk about Cal Fussman
  • 08:00 – Larry and Cal are old Brooklyn guys
  • 08:25 – Jordan is from San Jose, California
  • 08:57 – Dave highlights Jordan’s career achievements and successes
  • 11:20 – Jordan discusses social engineering
  • 11:43 – Social engineering is basically intrusion or penetration testing using human elements
  • 12:43 – During the Gulf War, Jordan worked against MCI’s telecommunication lines when he was just 14 years old
  • 15:00 – Jordan was socially inept as a kid and found the internet early
    • 15:38 – Jordan was fascinated by communication systems
    • 16:10 – Jordan learned how to program phones and he was able to hear conversations that adults had
    • 17:37 – “Humans are so complex”
  • 17:45 – Jordan studied human behavior and he combined that with social engineering, cellphone hacking, and wiretapping—this led him to work for the FBI
    • 18:11 – He was only 14 years old when he was recruited by the FBI Cybercrime Division; his job was to catch online predators
    • 20:25 – Jordan realized the good and bad potential of his abilities
    • 20:38 – He also realized there were so many more applications for his skills
  • 21:01 – In 1996, Jordan was caught having a cellphone in school and he had a note explaining that he was working with the FBI
  • 24:20 – At this moment, he felt he wanted to use his skills for a future career
  • 26:11 – Jordan was almost a straight-A student in high school
  • 28:10 – Jordan learned in college that he had the clinical definition of ADD
  • 29:01 – “Entrepreneurs are not cut out to join public schools which are designed to train people to work at repetitive, menial, factory jobs”
  • 29:28 – Jordan grew up in Troy, Michigan
  • 29:33 – Jordan discusses the Flex program
  • 31:32 – Jordan talks about his family
  • 33:18 – Dave tells Jordan that he pushed boundaries and has transitioned into making a career out of his skills
  • 34:17 – In college, Jordan focused his energy on language and economics
  • 35:46 – After college, Jordan had difficulty getting a job
  • 36:40 – Jordan decided to go to Law School and he got to work for Wall Street
  • 37:06 – In the end, he didn’t like the work as he was only needed as a warm body for billing clients
  • 39:58 – Jordan was hired by Dave who he never saw in the office
    • 40:11 – Jordan asked Dave why he was never in the office, yet was one of the best paid in Wall Street
    • 40:29 – Dave was bringing in the deal flow (clients)
  • 41:44 – Jordan realized that there was a secret, third path that did not require outworking or being outsmarting everyone else
  • 42:32 – His competitive advantage was to adopt what Dave was doing; which was networking, psychology, and relationships
  • 43:33 – Jordan started to do the show, The Art of Charm
  • 43:51 – He created a system that will help people network
  • 45:22 – The podcast has many followers because they address the needs of their listeners
  • 47:18 – He started 10 years ago and he believes his great content is the reason for his increase of followers
  • 47:30 – Dave shares his thoughts about why Jordan has a large number of listeners
  • 47:59 – “Podcasting is a performance”
  • 48:44 – Jordan spent 6 years sharpening the act of podcasting and that is his advantage
  • 50:05 – Dave thinks that podcasting is becoming mainstream
  • 50:46 – Dave asks Jordan for a Part Two
  • 51:04 – Visit The Art of Charm
  • 51:19 – Dave closes the podcast and encourages you to visit his website

3 Key Points:

  1. Age is not a hindrance for discovering what you can do.
  2. Entrepreneurs are not designed to fit into systems, but they create systems that can work for them.
  3. Networking and building relationships is an art that can be learned.

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