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May 15, 2018

Garrett B. Gunderson is the author of the New York Times bestseller Killing Sacred Cows: Overcoming the Financial Myths That Are Destroying Your Prosperity. He is the Chief Wealth Architect of Wealth Factory and a conference speaker. He shares best practices on how to manage assets for the future. Tune in to this episode to know more!

Timestamped Shownotes:

03:18 The origin of the financial Jesus and his an alternative approach to finance.

07:33 A long line of coal miners, what legacy really is and Spoiled Trust Fund Babies.

11:51 The way I want to raise my kids.

12:43 Have conversations about money with your kids and the consequences of failing to have those conversations.

14:27 Writing the family constitution, the signposts for my kids to thrive.

15:24 People have inherited money, but they never inherited a work ethic or they never refined or an uncovered their own skill sets and talents.

18:42 How my wife and I are as a couple has a huge impact on our kids. So we have rules like we put each other first. The kids are second. It's just that they're going to eventually move out, God willing, and her and I will still be together and why not show them what it's like to have date night and to be away from them.

19:29 The family office -- attorneys, accountants, investment advisors, cashflow people, risk management and insurance professionals all working on the behalf of my family that are all communicating, coordinated and, and in unison. A huge part of keeping the money together for generations to come.

20:14 Getting our kids used to resource exchanges and submitting invoices.

24:00 My wife and I got in a fight once and the kids hadn't seen us fight but it served as a lesson in healthy relationships.

25:47 The rockefellers may not have invented the family office but they definitely utilize this concept --They've got an amazing financial team and that manage the trust and work with the family to teach the next generations. They're actually, buying life insurance on that person. That way if that person loses money from the trust because their business doesn't work out or they're draining it because they're just using it for their lifestyle or to supplement or whatever the incentives are when they die, it replenishes it.

26:46 Why businesses can succeed past the founder or can't.

28:19 Hiring a trust protector.

29:19 How to run a personal financial audit.

32:58 How do we know when it's time to get another or different wealth advisor if ever?

34:01 Getting a second opinion process.

35:22 Final Thoughts and Cryptocurrency.

Key Points:

Asset protection isn't just about paperwork, it's mostly about the people who will inherit it and their education.
Setting up a family office at home where you meet with Lawyers, Accountants etc. to keep all your advisors in contact with each other.
Setting up the expectation at home for your children to get used to having you and your spouse/partner go on retreats.

Resources Mentioned:

Entrepreneur's Organization – The EO Network
Garrett's Website and Free Resources